Coping with high heating costs

Wärmefonds (Heating Fund)

Support for low-income households in the energy crisis

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High costs for heating and hot water

Especially due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the procurement prices of gas and other forms of energy have risen. As a result, energy costs for consumers have also increased momentarily.

The Wärmefonds (heating fund) is designed to help low-income households cope with high heating costs.

What is the Wärmefonds?

SWM has endowed a Wärmefonds (heating fund) with a total of 20 million euros. This fund has been set up to support the people who are most strongly affected by high energy prices. The SWM Wärmefonds supplements the measures taken by the federal government and the City of Munich to cushion the social impact of high energy prices. The decision on awarding funds, as well as the disbursements, are made by the Social Welfare Department and the Munich welfare associations.

Where does the money for the Wärmefonds come from?

In recent years, SWM has invested extensively in renewable energy plants and systems. Due to the high wholesale prices for electricity from wind farms, unplanned profits were generated in 2022 (so-called "windfall profits"). 

These profits enable SWM to endow the Wärmefonds (heating fund) with 20 million euros to support people in low-income households in Munich. 

The Wärmefonds is designed to help

SWM, the Social Department of the City of Munich and Munich's welfare associations have already cooperated closely and in a spirit of trust in the past. Examples include solutions for SWM customers affected by power cuts and energy advice for low-income households. 

When the Wärmefonds (heating fund) was established, it was clear that it could only be implemented by way of a joint effort. SWM provides the financial resources, the City of Munich finances the necessary positions and, together with the welfare associations, handles the disbursement.

Who receives support?

For residents of Munich who receive benefits from the Jobcenter or the Sozialbürgerhaus, the costs for hot water and heating are already covered by them on a flat-rate basis. The Wärmefonds (heating fund) is intended for Munich residents who do not receive these benefits but also have a low income. These residents can receive funds from the Wärmefonds (heating fund) in the form of a lump sum.

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